Virgin Media Network outage


Virgin Media continue to restore services to their residential and business customers that have been affected by the network outage over the past few days. They have restored the links between our main campuses and we remain fully resilient on our network and services.


Virgin Media have been working through the night in attempts to resolve their network issue. Their latest update advises that they aim to have this issue resolved today. Our network and services continue to operate successfully despite this outage. We will continue to provide updates throughout the day.


We are aware of a current problem within the Virgin Media Network in the New Malden area.
This issue is affecting a wide range of their customers. Despite being a Virgin Media customer ourselves, our network is designed to be resilient to such events and we continue to maintain connectivity to all our campus sites with no disruption to our services.
We continue to monitor the situation with the Virgin Media Network and will post further updates if this situation was to impact our network or services.

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