Network Disruption at Seething Wells Halls of Residence


After a period of monitoring we are pleased to report that the connectivity issues at Seething wells have been resolved.


Network connectivity to Block D, Seething Wells has now been restored. We will continue to monitor and provide updates via the status page.


Unfortunately network connectivity has not yet been completed for Block D. It is expected that this will be completed on Monday 7th September. Further updates will be provided via the status page.

Problem Identified

Network connectivity to Seething Wells blocks E, F and G has now been restored.

Connectivity to Block D is being worked on on Friday 4th and all connectivity is expected to be working by the end of the day.

Further updates will be provided via the status page.


There is currently a disruption to network services at the Seething Wells Halls of residence affecting multiple blocks. This disruption is due to the building works taking place. Further updates will be provided via the IT System Status page, however please check with the Halls Manager in the first instance.

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