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Access Manager Migration - Stage 1 (internal users)

Maintenance Planned

I&TS plan to carry out the migration to the new Access Manager system during enrichment week (week commencing 26th Oct). No disruption to services is expected.

This will take place in two stages. On Tuesday the 27th October, internal users (of KU managed PCs and mydesktop.kingston.ac.uk) will be migrated and on Thursday the 29th October, external users will be migrated.
This means when users accessing any one of the KU web services (e.g. SharePoint, Creative contents, Shibboleth resources such as iCat, library database etc), they will be prompted for their login, instead of the usual Access Manager login page (very similar to user experience when accessing Outlook for Web). Thereafter, Single-Sign-On (SSO) will be maintained. As far as the users are concerned, all the authentication takes place, seamlessly.

Users of form fill application such as kuloans, fassloans or Shibboleth resources, when accessing it for the first time they will be prompted to enter their password by the application. Subsequent access will be seamless, unless you have changed your password since the last access and will be prompted to enter the new password by the application.

Please also note, external users will be prompted for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) as currently is the case, when authenticating to Azure AD.

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