Planned Power Shut Downs at Penrhyn Road Campus

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Planned Power Shut Down at Penrhyn Road, which impacts network connectivity (including Wi-Fi) at Penrhyn Road Campus

In order to ensure access to a safe and reliable electricity supply, the University is working with UK Power Networks (UKPN) on upgrading some of the existing infrastructure in place at Penrhyn Road.

There will be two planned weekend power shutdowns:

From 18:00 on 2nd July until 20:00 on 4th July
From 08:00 on 10th July until 17:00 on 11th July

As result of the power shutdown, Penrhyn Road Campus will be closed as there will be no power to buildings and therefore no network connectivity (including Wi-Fi) during the outage. Also, there will be a full loss of network connectivity to the following halls and remote sites, which are not affected by the power, but rely on Penrhyn Road:

· Halls: 75 Penrhyn Road, Seething Wells, Middle Mill, Clayhill
· Remote site: Avionics, Nursery, Reg Bailey, Tolworth Court.

For more information, please see the announcement on MyKingston. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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