Web based services

Access to some KU websites


StaffSpace and MyKingston should now launch without issue on KU owned devices. If you still have an issue with these sites when launching your browser please log a ticket on the Service Desk Portal or call on 020 8417 3355


We are aware that some users are unable to view StaffSpace/MyKingston when launching their internet browser. Affected devices are limited to some laptops, which have been brought back onsite after having been offsite for an extended period of time and some lectern machines in teaching rooms. We are still working on a resolution for this issue but can offer the following advice as a workaround.

Please enter the direct URLs into the address bar for affected sites:
For StaffSpace enter “staffspace.kingston.ac.uk”
For MyKingston enter “mykingston.kingston.ac.uk”

IT Support Contacts:
Status sites of our vendors : Adobe | box | Canvas | Ex Libris | Office365 | Vonage