Power shutdown to some buildings at Kingston Hill

Onderhoud Gepland

As part of electrician works being carried out by UK Power Network, a number of buildings at Kingston Hill will be closed for power shutdown on Monday 4th July. Those buildings include:

Education Building
Terrace Building
Yorkon Building & Yorkon Annexe
Kenry House ‘old’ part of the building (i.e., Excluding Foodstore / Centenary Room which remains operational)
De Lissa
Multi Storey Car Park / KUSCO workshop (Car Park D could be very gloomy without lighting, please park elsewhere)
Hannafords bar
Chancellors Block D
Walkden Halls (West & East)

There will be no IT Services available in those buildings during the shutdown and you will not be able to access any PCs, Wi-Fi or other IT Services. However, all IT Services will be running normally in all other buildings, where you will be able to access PCs and all other IT Services.

IT Support Contacts:
Status sites of our vendors : Adobe | box | Canvas | Ex Libris | Office365 | Vonage